Connecticut Christmas Tree Growers Association



CCTGA 58th Annual Meeting

March 3, 2018

Snow School in Middletown, CT

Cost per person is $20.00 with free lunch

Tentative Program Agenda


Connecticut Christmas Tree Growers Association, INC


CONSTITUTION revision 2018 - Note: You must have a PDF viewer on your computer and please use the back button to return to this page. BYLAWS revision 2018


Dear CCTGA Members.

This past year, the Board of Directors conducted a review of the CCTGA Constitution and ByLaws to determine needed revisions and reformatting in order to improve ease of reading and remove redundant language between both the Constitution and Bylaws.

At the Saturday, March 3, 2018 business meeting of the Connecticut Christmas Tree Growers Association, Inc. (CCTGA) annual meeting, the Board of Directors will ask you to approve revisions to the Constitution and the Bylaws. Format changes and new language are highlighted in red font for ease of recognition.

The following major changes includes: Formatting each “Section” in both the Constitution and Bylaws to include a title description in addition to the standard section number. This was done to make it easier for the casual reader to be able to find the topic of interest at a quick glance. For example, Article I. Section 2. of the Constitution now reads “Section 2. Objectives”. And in Bylaws Article I. Elections. Section 1 now reads “Section 1. Nominating Committee.”

Constitution Article 1 Section 2. A. now reads “To compile and disseminate information on the production and promotion of Connecticut grown Christmas trees.” Section 2. B. now reads “Promote research and horticultural development of existing strains as well as improved strains of Christmas trees that are more adaptable or disease resistant and suitable to Connecticut’s climate zones and growing conditions.”

The language about quorum formerly found in the Constitution Article IV. Section 4. Was redundant with the Bylaws and was removed and a reference to the Bylaws Article III. Section 2. inserted.

A number of sections in both the Constitution and Bylaws had references to ‘the Board”. We have added qualifying language to read “Board of Directors”.

All revisions on the draft documents posted on the CCTGA web site, have been reviewed and approved by your CCTGA Board of Directors. A two-thirds vote of the members present at the Annual Meeting will be needed to ratify these revisions.

We strongly urge all members to review the proposed changes on the web posted drafts and to attend the annual meeting at the Snow School in Middletown on March 3rd. In addition to a above revisions, you have the opportunity to vote for your CCTGA Officers and Directors who will continue to support and respect the mission of the Association.

John Cimochowski, CCTGA President.



Tentative Program Agenda as of January 30, 2018


8:30 - Registration – coffee and donuts; visit with vendors; enter raffle

9:00 AM - Business Meeting

10:00 AM - Speciality Block Grant Research Update - Dr. Richard Cowles

10:45 AM - Fertilizer Use and Management - Bill Syme

11:30 AM - Risk Management - Joe Bonelli, UCONN

11:45 PM - Christmas Tree Promotion Board Update - Jamie Jones

12:00 PM - Free Lunch; visit with members and vendors

1:00 PM - Farm Story – FDR’s Christmas Tree Farm at Hyde Park - Christie Schubert

1:45 PM - Weed Management - Dr. Jatindar Aulakh, CAES

2:30 PM - Climate change from an earth science point of view - Tom Rathier, CAES

3:00 PM - Adjourn

Recertification credit for pesticide applicator licenses will be available at the conclusion of the meeting

Please visit with our vendors throughout the day