Connecticut Alpaca & Tree Farm

Connecticut Alpaca & Tree Farm Cheshire, CT
Cheshire, Connecticut

Type :Choose and Cut
Owner(s) :James A. Fazzone
Mail Address :402 Highland Avenue
Cheshire, CT 06410
Farm Address :235 Talmadge Road
Cheshire, CT 06410
Phone :203-250-6677 or 203-272-6921
Fax :203-272-2759
Cell :203-641-3158
Open :Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays after Thanksgiving
Hours :8:30 – 5:00
Directions :Cheshire – Route 68 East – Turn right on Talmadge Road
Saw Provided :Yes
Restrooms available :No
Tree wrapping available :Yes, No charge
Tree drilling :Yes
Gift Shop :No
Harvest-your-own-trees :Fraser Fir; Concolor Fir; Nordmann Fir
Pre-cut trees :Fraser Fir; Balsam Fir

Updated – June 12th for the 2021 Selling Season