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Founded in 1960, the Connecticut Christmas Tree Growers Association (CCTGA) is dedicated to fostering and advancing the Christmas tree industry within the state of Connecticut. Our mission is driven by the following objectives:

Information Dissemination and Compilation:
We are committed to gathering and distributing comprehensive information regarding the production and effective marketing of high-quality Christmas trees, ensuring growers have the resources they need to flourish in this industry.

Research Promotion:
We strive to foster and promote research initiatives that address challenges and advancements within the Christmas tree production sector. Our aim is to contribute to a sustainable and innovative approach to quality tree cultivation.

Community Building and Knowledge Exchange:
We provide a platform for individuals passionate about cultivating and marketing quality Christmas trees to connect, build relationships, and exchange invaluable experiences. Through this community, we hope to foster a spirit of collaboration and shared growth.

Consumer Good-Will Development:
We are dedicated to enhancing consumer trust and satisfaction by supporting our members in cultivating and selling exceptional Christmas trees. By encouraging and assisting our members in delivering top-tier products, we aim to establish a positive and enduring rapport with consumers.

The Connecticut Christmas Tree Growers Association remains steadfast in its commitment to these objectives, striving to fortify the Christmas tree industry and promote its vitality throughout the state, and beyond. 

Lisa Angevine Bergs
Executive Director
CT Christmas Tree Growers’ Association
984 Burr Mountain Rd.
Torrington, CT 06790
[email protected]

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